What we do


Software Development

The primary business of Promnia is developing customised software for the B2B and B2C markets. With the use of Microsoft technologies and cross platform solutions like Xamarin, our customers get great maintainable applications with friendly user interfaces and much more for sharp market conform pricing...

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Software Development Classes

Writing software is easy, writing clean maintainable code is an art form. Promnia can assist your developers with software development classes. By combining theoretical and practical assignments in our classes your developers will be able to write testable code and will learn principles and patterns like the DRY principle, PRG pattern and much more...

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Enterprise Mobility Management

When it comes to using mobile devices within an enterprise, it is key to have a strategy before you allow them to access company resources. Promnia can assist you in the matter so that Shadow IT never happens to your company...

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Promnia can assist you in a broad range of technologies. Architectural design and recommended approach on how to create applications. Efficient ways to implement "Bring Your Own Device" within the enterprise. How to choose between MDM/EMM solutions on the market and many more topics...

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Software Development Excellence

Using the newest proven technologies, we try to give our clients the best experience they can get. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained.  


Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development can be time consuming. Which platform are we going to support, which will we exclude? We can help you with these decisions, to go Hybrid, Native or Web or use advanced tooling like Xamarin to go native on all three major platform without having to invest too much financially.

Web/Cloud Application Development

Whether its a responsive client side layout that adapts to the viewing device, whether mobile, tablet or a small or larger desktop, or whether its a cloud based azure service with a database, we can help you achieve your goals with efficiency.

Desktop Application Development

Most companies don't have a mobile workforce yet. And several of them don't need one for their company processes. Sometimes Desktop based application are more than sufficient to get the job done. We have experts that create cutting edge applications with great UX that empower your users to do more.

Our partners


UI Frameworks and App Development tools...


Microsoft support for Startups with tools and partner networks...


EMM/MDM Solutions for the mobile work force...

Why Let Us Develop Your Application?

As a client, you have complete control during development stages. Diving in your company process to create the best software that complements your business needs is what we do.
As a company transparency is key for us. Scopes, Goals and Costs are clearly set during the first stages of continuous development. No surprises, clear results.
Modular programming is what we do. Promnia uses proven technology to create and re-use components which results in very competitive pricing. With this motto we create great quality code that can be extended with new features with minimal changes to the original application.
As a company we believe in giving back. Because of overwhelming support from the Microsoft community, we have decided to start a sort of sponsorship for the Windows platform (Whether is Windows Phone, RT or universal). This means companies, whether commercial or startup can send their request to us and depending on the case, reviewed individually, will get partial or full sponsorship from Promnia. This means that we will create the application for that specific entity free of charge. This is our contribution for the windows community, to help them get on par with the iOS and Android App Stores/Marketplaces.

About us

Promnia is a software development company that uses Microsoft technologies to create robust and high and software solutions for its clients. Next to developing software, the company also does consulting on development matters like Application development, Architectural design, Best practices. Promnia is also an expert on requirement analysis and implementation of Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions like SOTI, MobileIron and Airwatch.

Advantages of our Training and Consulting

Training sessions nowadays are very standardised and maybe cover 10% of what your team actually needs. Promnia excels in customised training sessions by performing a preliminary set of assessments to make sure that the training sessions cover the clients needs. With training sessions the client also has complete control over the schedule and the timeframe division.

Software is getting bigger and more complex every day. This complexity and the intercommunication of multiple applications makes enterprise architecture not the easiest task to do. Promnia assists in architectural design with application development but also when it comes to setting up a fully functional corporate domain without any custom application development. Consulting is what we do, and the scope that we can handle is extensive and also primarily focused on Microsoft technologies, whether it be on-premise or cloud based.

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